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Skillbuild Renewable Energy Scholarship Program

Renewable Energy Scholarship Program

The Scholarship


As the largest Renewable Energy Training Organisation in Australia, Skillbuild are offering five Renewable Energy Scholarships per calendar year to overseas applicants. These Scholarships are to promote and support Renewable Energy development and uptake in the Pacific Islands and South East Asia regions.

The criteria for awarding the Scholarships are;

  • Fluency in English
  • A professional or vocational qualification – for example, Licensed Electrician or Electrical Engineer
  • The ability to deliver local Renewable Energy services to reduce Carbon Emissions in the region that you live in. We will only support applicants who live and work in the region from which they apply.


What we provide

  • Visa fees
  • Airfares
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transport expenses
  • Travel Insurance

The successful applicants will not have to pay any ‘in country’ expenses.

How to Apply

  • Email us a Resume
  • In 300 words explain why you would be able to do the following;
  • Build the renewable energy industry in the region that you live in
  • Your ability to pass on your skills in a voluntary capacity to others. As we are offering a Scholarship we feel that this should be passed on to your community.
  • Your understanding of the issue of Climate Change and how it might affect your community
  • English language requirements – you must be fluent in English

Email the above to training@skillbuild.edu.au , and thank you for your interest.


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