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Renewable Energy Training with Skillbuild - The story of Diggaj Regmi - Part 3

off to Australia

In part 2, we went through Diggaj’s time in England and University education in Renewable Energy.  More on this here…

Now his passion has led him to Australia so he can make his mark in the land that is rich with Renewable Energy. Now with his heart still strongly placed in Nepal and his desire to do something for the people back home.

Why the move to Australia?

I started to look for work in Australia as I felt that I wanted to increase my knowledge in renewable energy. Some countries embrace things more than others and I felt that Australia really embraced it. I felt I had spent enough time in England and it was getting too cold for me. So, I started to apply for a Visa.

How did applying for an Australian Visa go?

It went well. At that time, they were accepting graduate visa entries. There were 3 things that the Australian Government were looking for. 1. Listed Universities (Glyndwr University was one of them) 2. Engineering degrees and 3. Demand for skills. Lucky for me I had all of them, so I got a Visa.

What did you do when you arrived in Australia?

I landed in Sydney and lived with a friend in a suburb called Hornsby. I then thought I should gain some local accreditation, so I decided to do a Grid Connect course with Skillbuild Training. That course was fantastic as I learnt so much about the local industry and by the end of the course I was qualified with the CEC. I then worked with a local Solar Company where I designed systems. I did this for 2 years.

You did another course with Skillbuild Training.

Yes, I did their Off-Grid SPS design and install course. I then moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland working for Giant Power where I designed and installed both on-Grid and off-grid systems.

How did you come to work with Skillbuild?

I really enjoyed the training with Skillbuild as they seemed to be a great source of knowledge and they were always willing to help. They had a position going for Electrical Engineer with Renewable Energy background. I noticed the job come up on seek and thought that it would be a great place to learn and work.

Tell me about what happened with Skillbuild.

This was the amazing thing that happened. I met with the owner of Skillbuild, Bill Gammon and we had a great talk. He talked about the job and what he likes to do in his spare time. He said to me that he will often go to Nepal and that he has been delivering energy systems to remote areas. And he does this out of his own money. I couldn’t believe it, this was my dream. This was the reason that I had been doing all this study and learning for. Now here I was sitting in front of an Australian person who has the same dream that I have. I thought this is the chemistry of life that pulls people together. When people have the same ambitions, they will often find themselves in the same place.

What do you do at Skillbuild?

I assist in the practical part of the training sessions. The students can ask me questions as they are working on the inverter or wiring something. I will also give them help after the class when they are in the real world designing or installing a system. Sometimes I will even go on site to help them with the job. Skillbuild has a unique way of doing their courses. No one gets left behind, and we will always follow up to see how the past students are going. This is a great sense of satisfaction as it is something I like to do, help people.

Have you gone back to Nepal?

Yes, I have. Glad to say that I have gone back to work on an off-grid system with Skillbuild to some of the remote areas. These systems aren’t large, but they are designed to give load shedding of 10 – 12 hours of power to compensate peak times which is often shut off. We build the off-grid system so people can still have power.

In fact, Skillbuild is sending me back to my home village to install an energy system. Skillbuild is supplying the equipment so they can power their life. Also, next Christmas I will be going back to a remote village to replace the kerosene lighting with a renewable energy system.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, I am only 30 years old, so I have a lot to give. I want to keep going back to Nepal to replace the lighting systems, so the kids can study, and the mother can keep them fed without hurting their eyes. I haven’t stopped studying yet. I still study 5 hours a day because there is still so much for me to learn.

And Skillbuild?

I love working with Skillbuild they are like a family to me. They are always positive and happy they really look after me. They will always give me the opportunities. It is a dream job.