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Is GST applicable to the course fee?

No. The $550 is the total course fee. No GST is applicable

Do I need to have any trade background to do the course?

No. The course involves no electrical work and is about testing appliances, leads and RCD’s (safety switches). The course deals with the requirements of Australian Standard 3760, State/Territory Legislation and practical issues.

Where are the courses held?

In Perth, Adelaide and Darwin we use our training centres. In other places, we try to rent premises from community organisations as they always appreciate the additional income. On enrolment details of the venue will be provided.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Nothing; covered footwear is required and all course materials are provided.

What do I get at the end of the course?

On successful completion of the assessment tasks (theory and practical), you will be issued with a Statement of  Attainment listing the two units completed. These units are recognised nationally. Skillbuild Training will issue a plastic card detailing the competency achieved. Please be aware that this card will state a 3-year renewal requirement, which allows for changes to Legislation and AS3760 being implemented.

Can I repair faulty appliances or leads that fail the tests?

No. Only licensed electricians/contractors can do electrical work. You can apply to the relevant licensing authority in your state/territory to gain a Restricted Electrical License, but generally, there has to be some justification for this license.