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Do I have to be an electrician to do the course?

Non-electricians can do the ‘Design’ accreditation if they are Electrical Engineers or have a Restricted Electrical License. Only licensed electricians can do the Design and Install accreditation.

What is the advantage of getting Clean Energy Council accreditation?

Accreditation enables you to get access to any government incentives. Initially, this was an $8000 grant, then it became RECs and now called they are STCs. This incentive could make the price of a 1.5 kilowatt system up to $800 cheaper.

My customers think that solar is too expensive and are reluctant to install it.

When electricity prices are double what they are now the cost is halved. In the course, we do some calculations which typically show that for a 1.5 kilowatt system the payback period is 3-6 years. As the panels have a 25-year warranty this means a lot of electricity for free for many years. There are other considerations which we discuss in the class.