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CEC Storage Endorsement Course Canberra

Solar Storage Endorsement Course Canberra

Solar storage course canberra


Off to do their first installs.

Skillbuild has just finished another CEC approved Storage Endorsement Course. This time it was held in Canberra ACT. This course has two training units that were developed by Skillbuild and have been accepted by the CEC for the Storage Endorsement. First Battery Storage Endorsement Course for the ACT. A fantastic group who are off to do their first installs. 


As our students found out we are also Electrical Contractors doing this type of work, and thus delivered the course over the weekend. It gave them a workable textbook so they didn’t have to do any pre-course work online. This is our sixth Training Centre. We also deliver courses at our Training Centres in Perth, Sydney, Albury, Adelaide and Darwin.

All the Trainers are practitioners

Just like us and the training is delivered by Contractors and Experts in their fields. We actually build systems, not just do measurements. We have two or three systems in each Centre, so you get to see differing configurations.