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Skillbuild deliver the first Smart Metering Course in the ACT

Smart Metering Course in the ACT

Skillbuild delivers the first Smart Metering Course in the ACT.

The national rollout of smart meters is coming to the Australian National Energy Market.

New meters

New national metering rules are expected to come into effect on 1 December 2017, making digital meters the standard meter for all customers. This means that whenever a new meter is installed, a digital meter will be the default option. This paves the way for the State Governments to facilitate the voluntary market led roll-out of smart meters.

Smart Metering Course


After December 1st, 2017

All meter installations on the NEM will require Electricians who have completed training to install ‘smart’ meters. This training may be additional to the NSW ASP requirements.

Nine people now ready for the big changes coming into effect on the 1st of December with meter replacements.

Smart Metering Course in the ACT

We will be running more of these courses in QLD, NSW and SA.

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